GPS Tracker - Updated to V02R03

NOTE: To update to V02R03 it is necessary to do a full update as per the 'Installation Instruction' rather than using the Update Tab.
  1. Added a maximum speed checkbox under the File tab. If selected, playback of the selected file is done with no delays between NMEA messages.
  2. Added a 'Show whole Track at once' checkbox under the File Tab. Selecting this checkbox before adding a file will cause GPSTracker to show the whole file track at once. If this is the first time the selected file is used, GPSTracker will do preprocessing of the file. No preprocessing is done subsequently unless the 'Force Preprocessing' checkbox is selected. Modifications: 1. Speed up the rendering of the GPS tracks for any type of GPS device (COM, File, etc).

See the GPS Tracker add-on page for more details.