GPS2WorldWind - Updated to version 0.9.30

Now you can plan routes and the Online GPS (GPS Tracking) works with all NMEA-Devices over RS232 and also with a Garmin USB-Device (tested with GPMmap 60CSx), also fixes a few bugs.

See the add-on page for more details.

VirtualEarth Location Finder

This plug-in makes a call to VirtualEarth (local.live.com) to find your current location based on IpAddress. if the location can be found (and the service is not busy), then WW will auto focus on the returned latitude and longitude. if the location cannot be found, then nothing will happen.

See the brains-N-brawn page for more details.

XBox 360 Wired Controller add-on

This plug-in allows you to use an XBox 360 Wired Controller with World Wind.

See the brains-N-brawn page for more details.

NASA World Wind on Media Center Edition

A plug-in which allows World Wind to run on Windows Media Center Edition.

See the brains-N-brawn page for more details.

World Map Layer Addon - Updated to version 3.0h

Improvement of the selection of the color of layer


Highest Mountains - Updated to v0.3

154 Locations of Countries Highest Mountains added.

See the Highest Mountains add-on page for more details.


Apollo Landings - updated to v1.2

Version 1.2 includes an updated installer with uninstall capabilities and standardized naming, as well as the addition of some impact sites, pointed out by an anonymous guest.

See the Apollo Landings add-on page for more details.


Poland place names - Released

This add-on provides place names for Poland. By default World Wind comes only with names for Polish cities, towns and villages (populated places).

See the Poland place names add-on page for more details.


Global Clouds - Updated to v0.6

Fixed texture loading error after not using the add-on for ten days.

See the Global Clouds add-on page for more details.


Mars Topo add-on released

This add-on displays the false color elevation mapped topograhy of Mars, based on data obtained from the Mars Orbiter Laser Altimeter (MOLA). To function correctly, this add-on requires that the Mars for 1.3.x add-on be installed first.

See the Mars Topo add-on page for more details.


Sea Level add-on released

This add-on compares present-day sea levels to those at the peak of the last ice age (~120 meters lower) and the estimated sea levels if the ice in Greenland and Antarctica melts (~80 meters higher). Approximately 5 km resolution.

See the Sea Level add-on page for more details.

GPS Tracker - Updated to V02R04

Additions: 1. Added a context menu when right clicking on a gps device in list of added devices. The menu allows for modifications of Track, Description, Icon, Track Color and Playback Speed. 2. Added a Track Color button. Use this button to select the color to be used when showing a device track. 3. Added a Flow Control checkbox for COM devices. Use it to select the Flow control that matches your Serial GPS Device. Options are: None, Hardware and Software (XOn|XOff).

See the GPS Tracker add-on page for more details.

KMLImporter released

From ShockFires blog :

I've spent a few hours moving some of PlaneTracker's code over to a new plugin and the result is a plugin that can read most .kml files that contain icons Support for other features such as polygons and network links are on the list (note that it already supports images that have to be downloaded from the web) Because I cannot include the default icons GE uses you have to copy those over yourself Find palette*.png in the GE res dir and copy those over to the empty icons directory This plugin comes with no sort of warranty at all, so use it at your own risk

See the KMLImporter add-on page for more details.