MSL landing sites add-on released

MSL proposed landing sites from NASA's MSL workshop #1. JSC and USGS put together a MSL (Mars Science Laboratory) add-on for NASA's World Wind to show the proposed landing sites from the first MSL workshop. They are sorted and tagged "A01, A02, .." in the order of popularity from the MSL workshop. Areas that were broadly defined are not represented here.

See the MSL landing sites add-on page for more details.


Big screenshot (panorama) add-on released

This plug-in alows you to take widescreen panorama style screenshots in World Wind.

See the Big screenshot (panorama) add-on page for more details.

Metacarta World Map add-on released

This add-on has map layers served by MetaCarta from the public domain vmap0 (Vector Map Level 0) data. Vector Map Level 0 is an updated and improved version of the National Imagery and Mapping Agency's (NIMA) Digital Chart of the World (DCW). The VMap Level 0 database provides worldwide coverage of vector-based geospatial data which can be viewed at 1:1,000,000 scale.

See the Metacarta World Map add-on page for more details.