Long Way Down Add-on released

This trail is based on a TV series called 'Long Way Down' about Ewan McGregor and Charley Boormans motorcycle trip from the tip of Scotland to Cape Horn in South Africa.

See the Long Way Down add-on page for more details.

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UN Peacekeeping Missions Add-on released

This addon displays former and current United Nations Peacekeeping Missions.

See the UN Peacekeeping Missions add-on page for more details.

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BrinkX Add-on released

BrinkX is a cross-globe bicyling expedition for an Australian named Kendon Glass. He has been on this trip for a few years now and is getting ever so much closer to home. This add-on for World Wind charts his progress and his prior points of interest.

See the BrinkX add-on page for more details.


World Time Zones Add-on released

This add-on displays the standard time zones across the world.

See the World Time Zones add-on page for more details.

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Dinosaur locations Add-on released

This add-on is meant to compliment the Paleomaps add-on by Withak. It is set up to download new version of itself, so that the information will remain up-to-date. The information is from the London Natural History Museum's Dino-Directory and the imagery is from the Cleveland Natural History Museum. The add-on displays icons approximately where the dinosaurs lived, based on where we find their fossils. The different colors indicate their diet: red=carnivore, green=herbivore, blue=omnivore, and gray=unknown. By clicking on an icon the Dino-Directory's page on that dinosaur will open

See the Dinosaur locations add-on page for more details.

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