Africam add-on released

The Africam add-on shows the location of the Cameras from the Africam website, Africa's leading on-line wildlife viewing site. Each camera is shown by an arrow which points in the approximate direction the camera is facing, moving the mouse over an arrow gives you the cameras name and a brief description of that camera, clicking an arrow will open that cameras view in World Wind's internal browser.

See the Africam add-on page for more details.

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Endangered American Rivers add-on released

This add-on for World Wind is from the AmericanRivers.org annual release of the Top 10 Most Endangered Rivers in the United States that are facing some type of major change in the coming year.

See the Endangered American Rivers add-on page for more details.

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Somalia-SWALIM Add-on released

The Somalia add-on is a set of topographical maps covering Somalia in 100k and 200k resolution, Vector data of Mogadishu streets and general data, and displays areas affected by flooding, in addition a few areas also have othophotos provided by DigitalGlobe. The data in this add-on was obtained by Madmappers from various sources, they then processed the data and in collaboration with SWALIM,FAO and FEF put it on servers for access by World Wind users and relief agencies.

See the Somalia-SWALIM add-on page for more details.

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Mogadishu Refugee Migration World Wind Add-On

This add-on is based on data gathered from the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) and shows the number and types of people that have migrated away from the conflicts in Mogadishu. The locations people have moved to are identified by the red circles, larger red circles indicate over 10,000 displaced people. The lines from Mogadishu show people that have gone to one location then moved on to another location. Locations with no lines can be presumed to be direct migrations from Mogadishu. The numbers are gathered by aid groups in the region and are from March 2007.

See the Mogadishu Refugee Migration World Wind Add-On page for more details.

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Lens Flare Plugin updated to v 1.1

This plug-in adds a simple lens flare effect to World Wind. A dialog (found in the plugins menu) allows changing some of the aspects.

See the Lens Flare Plugin add-on page for more details.

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