Sky Gradient updated to v0.3b

Fixed transparent mountains on tilting issue and added support for multiple planets.

See the Sky Gradient add-on page for more details.

NOAA DART (Deep-ocean Assessment and Reporting of Tsunamis) add-on released

This add-on displays the locations of the 16 current bouys that are located around North America, clicking on the bouy marker will take you to the real-time data page where you can get the current water column depth at that location.

See the NOAA DART add-on page for more details.


World Wide Panorama updated to v1.4

Now including the latest event "Borders"

See the World Wide Panorama add-on page for more details.


Volcano Webcams add-on released

This add-on puts an icon at every volcano listed at the USGS VolcanoCams Around the World webpage and by clicking on the icon it should open up the webcam's webpage. Some volcanoes have multiple webcams so you may want to check out the USGS's list of webcams if you want to see more of a volcano.

See the Volcano Webcams add-on page for more details.


NOAA Reef Watch add-on released

The NOAA Reef Watch Add-On is a stethoscope for the oceans. What you will experience is near-real-time data. This ability to monitor remote reef areas via remote sensing satellites has become a key tool coral reef managers and scientists. Now you can see the big picture of our oceans conditions with the data being updated twice every week.

See the NOAA Reef Watch add-on page for more details.


Earthquake Plug-In 2.0.2 released

The Earthquake Plug-In is a set of pulg-ins for displaying where earthquakes have happened. The first of the new earthquake plug-ins is the USGS 7-Day RSS Display, this plug-in downloads the latest USGS RSS feed for earthquakes that have hapened in the last seven days that are greater than 2.5 in magnatude. The second of the two earthquake plug-in is the USGS Historical Query Plug-In. With this plug-in you can query USGS earthquake data all the way back to 1973.

See the Earthquake Plug-In add-on page for more details.

Jupiter add-on released

The Jupiter add-on adds another new world to World Wind, it also includes Jupiters moons Europa, Ganymede and Io.

See the Jupiter add-on page for more details.


Great Lakes Data add-on released

Great Lakes Data add-on is based on the NOAA GLERL and GLOFS data. This add-on adds many new data points that show the greats lakes: water depth, water temps, currents, wind flow and forcasts. The add-on is setup so you can just look at one lake at a time, or one data type at a time.

See the Great Lakes Data add-on page for more details.


Virtual Earth plug-in released

This plug-in shows VirtualEarth (local.live.com) data within World Wind, and also includes a geo-coder and business finder.

See the Virtual Earth add-on page for more details.