Gulf Coast Hypoxia Map Add-on released

This add-on coveres the study years of 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003 and 2002. The data includes the color contour maps if the Oxygen levels and markers for all the collection stations.

See the Gulf Coast Hypoxia Map add-on page for more details.


Global Poverty add-on released

These datasets show the global distributions of infant mortality and malnutrition.

See the Global Poverty add-on page for more details.

USGS NHD Data Demo Add-On released

This data is of the new NHDPlus dataset that is being completed. The area covered is Zone 08 which is the lower Mississippi River.

See the USGS NHD Data Demo add-on page for more details.


Weather Data plugin released.

The plugin decodes the weather data from METAR and plots the recently made temperature observations on the World Wind globe.

See the Weather Data plugin add-on page for more details.


NOAA Auroral Activity add-on released

The auroral oval represented in the plots is not a photograph, and is not real-time. It is extrapolated statistically from the Space Environment Monitor (SEM) auroral particle data obtained during a single pass of a POES satellite over a polar region. For more information, see the NOAA POES Auroral Activity site (http://www.sec.noaa.gov/pmap/index.html).

See the Auroral Activity Extrapolated from NOAA POES Satellites add-on page for more details.


Tour de France 2006 add-on released

This add-on shows all stages of the 2006 Tour de France. Move your mouse cursor over the icons to show information about departure and arrival town, day and distance of every stage.

See the Tour de France 2006 add-on page for more details.